The obligation to organize employee health checks arises from the Occupational Health and Safety Act (TTOS). The employer must arrange health checks for employees whose health may be affected by work environment risk factors or the nature of the work process, and bear the related costs.

The health check service is carried out by an occupational health physician. The purpose of the service is to assess the health status of the employee, the suitability of the work environment or work organization, and to determine work-related illness or possible occupational disease. The following is useful information for the subscriber of the health check service.


The first step is to start with a risk analysis of the work environment. During the risk analysis, it is determined whether there are occupational hazards in the work environment that could harm the health of employees and to identify which employees may need health monitoring services.


The health check service is provided by a registered occupational health service provider at the Health Board. Some examples of finding a service provider:

1. Is the location of the service suitable?
Arvestama peab sellega, et tervisekontroll viiakse läbi tööajal ja tööandja kulul. Ka töötaja transpordikulu ning sõidule ja tervisekontrollile kulunud aeg on tööandja kulu.

2. Cheap may not always be cost-effective.
Does the service include hidden costs? - additional studies that are not previously agreed upon, high electricity costs when ordering a health bus during the winter period...

3. It must be taken into account that the result of the health check depends on the quality of the service.
The process of receiving the service, technology, professional level of staff, politeness, speed of service, attentiveness.

4. Find a reliable service provider whose service complies with legislation and contract terms, who has no tax debts and has extensive experience.
If the service provider disappears after providing the service, who should be contacted in case of occupational disease or work accident problem? Who issues a duplicate of the lost occupational health decision?


1. Download the list form available on the Mediserv website.
Please prepare and submit the list to the service provider at least three days before the inspection. Please consider 15 minutes of health check-up time for each employee on the list, and include a lunch break from 12.00 to 12.30. The data to be submitted will be uploaded to the e-clinic.
Note! Lists that are filled out on paper and scanned onto an image file are not suitable for submission to us.

Download: List of employees targeted for health check-ups

2. The employee must be given a health declaration form either in person or provided with instructions for downloading the form from the website.
The employee must definitely fill out the health declaration before the health check-up and bring it with them when coming for the health check-up.

Download: Health declaration



  • evaluate the employee's health condition;
  • assess the suitability of the work environment or work organization for the employee;
  • determine the possible illness or occupational disease caused by the employee's work.


Peale tervisekontrolli töötervishoiuarst väljastab tööandjale vormi kohase tervisekontrolli otsuse (määrus nr87 “Töötervishoiuteenuse osutamise kord”), kuhu vajadusel märgib arst ettepanekuid töötaja töökeskkonna või töökorralduse muutmiseks ja töötaja tervise edendamiseks. Tervisekontrolli otsus esitatakse eelnevalt kokkulepitud teie ettevõtte kontaktisiku e-postile 7 tööpäeva jooksul peale tervisekontrolli. Tööandja säilitab tervisekontrolli otsuseid 10 aastat pärast töötajaga töösuhte lõpetamist.

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