Risk analysis

Mediserv OÜ offers companies across Estonia both risk analysis services and a full-service workplace environment specialist. In addition, we provide online training for companies' workplace environment specialists and workplace environment representatives.



1. Preparation of risk analysis

The obligation to organize a workplace risk assessment arises from the Occupational Health and Safety Act (§ 13, paragraph 1, point 3). The employer identifies workplace risk factors when preparing the risk assessment, measures their parameters if necessary, and assesses risks to the health and safety of employees (§ 13, paragraph 4, point 1).

We prepare a risk analysis together with an action plan and measure according to the needs:

- indoor climate of workspaces (air temperature and relative humidity);
- general and local lighting illumination levels;
- noise;
- electric field strength;
- magnetic flux density;
- CO2 content;
- whole body and hand-arm vibration.

When compiling a risk analysis, we measure the parameters of occupational safety factors during workplace observations, which allows us to achieve the best result. The completed risk analysis file is in pdf format and must be uploaded to the Labor Inspectorate's work environment database (www.iseteenindus.ti.ee). In addition, the employer informs employees and their representatives about the risk analysis (Occupational Health and Safety Act § 13 (4) subsection 5).


2. Mediserv offers services of a workplace environment specialist.

- representing the company in the supervision carried out by the Labor Inspectorate or in the processing of cases;
- organizing the structure of the occupational safety team (work environment representatives, first aid providers);
- preparation of risk analysis;
- preparation of risk mitigation action plan and systematic inspection of workplaces and conducting internal controls.
- we are preparing work organization rules and safety instructions for the work being done and the tools being used.


3. Online training in occupational health and safety

The Mediserv web training is registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs and is aimed at company occupational health and safety specialists and representatives. The training material in Estonian is available in electronic form 24/7. After the training, the student is allowed to take multiple-choice tests at a convenient time. This allows the student to test their knowledge and understanding of the material, as well as assess their progress. Upon successful completion of the training, we issue a certificate accepted by national supervisory authorities.

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