Sinise valguse ohud: kuidas kaitsta oma silmi?

Digital devices are important in everyday life, but many people do not know anything about the effects of blue light on the eyes. When switching devices and looking at pixels composed of letters, the eyes must adjust to different distances each time. Using the right prescription lenses can help protect the eyes from harmful effects, as well as improve our posture.

Near ultraviolet radiation is the harmful violet-blue part of the light spectrum. It penetrates deep into the eye and can damage the retina. There are more and more sources of blue light in the environment surrounding us - computers, smartphones, tablets, lights, etc. The interaction with other factors and the long-term effects of blue light can lead to serious vision problems, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Dangers of blue light when working with screens for prolonged periods:

  • digital syndrome: blurry vision, irritated and dry eyes, headaches, neck and back pain.
  • may cause depression;
  • causes disruptions in the wakefulness rhythm (primarily sleep disorders);
  • may cause short-sightedness, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and
    irreversible vision loss;
  • suppresses the production of melatonin, which is the hormone necessary for falling asleep.

EssiloriCrizal® Prevencia™ is a coating for eyeglass lenses that provides protection against harmful blue light and UV rays. Essilor is one of the leading optical companies in the world. In 2013, Essilor introduced the first coating for eyeglass lenses that protects the eyes from both UV radiation and harmful blue light.

1. CrizalPrevencia blocks 20% of harmful violet-blue light emitted by the sun, lights, screens, and many other sources of radiation.

2. Crizal Prevencia includes Eye Sun Protector Factor (E-SPF 25) protection against UV radiation, which is 25 times more effective than eyes without protection.

Eyezen TM EPS monofocal lenses – esimesed prilliläätsed, mis on valmistatud ametroopidele ja emmetroopidele. Neid võib soovitada kõigile normaalnägemisega inimestele ning lühi- ja kaugnägijatele vanuses 20-50. Läätsed, mis on spetsiaalselt arendatud digitaalse maailma mugavaks kasutamiseks.

Lenses with special minimized distortions of strength transition, which ensures comfortable viewing of screens throughout the day. With Eyezen TM, it is easier to read small letters and maintain a natural posture when using a smartphone.

By combining Essilor Eyezen TM lenses with Prevencia TM coating, you ensure double protection against blue light and a more comfortable adaptation of your eyes to working with different screens at close range.

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Piltidel on prilliraamid ÖGA prilliklaasidega Essilor EyezenTM 0,4 Crizal® Prevencia™- erilised läätsed arvuti ja nutiseadmete kasutajale. Parem poolsel pildil on eriti hästi näha, kuidas kahjulik sinine valgus peegeldub tagasi klaasi pinnalt.Post navigation

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